China National Household Paper Industry Association

China National Household Paper Industry Association (CNHPIA) under China Paper Association is a nationwide organization in China. The site of the association is in Beijing. It was established on Jun 8, 1993. It is a nationwide organization. Its members are from different departments, different regions, and different ownerships, all the members are voluntary to join in the association. The aim of the association is to promote the technique improvement and economic development of household paper industry, to quicken the technical steps of modernization of the industry. Members include manufacturers of tissue paper and disposable hygiene products, suppliers of related equipments and raw materials, etc.  


Zhenlei Cao           Sinolight Corporation

Vice Chairman:
Lianjie Xu             Hengan International Group Co., Ltd.
Chaowang Li        Vinda International Holdings Limited
Yong Yue            C&S Paper Co., Ltd.
Kevin Liu              P&G Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 
Ze Zhang             Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd.
Miyabayashi Yoshihiro  Unicharm Consumer Products (China) Co., Ltd. 
Shuming Chen       Dongshun Group Co., Ltd.
Jingheng Deng      Kingdom Healthcare Holdings Limited Guangdong
Zhiyuan Huang      APP Investment (ChinaCo., Ltd.
Chunyu Cao          China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Nakanishi Minoru     Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd.
Yue Wu                Hangzhou Qianzhiya Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.
Bin Lin                  Daddybaby Company Limited
Liwei Jin                Hangzhou Coco Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. 

Yiqiang Su            Guangdong Winsun Personal Care Products Co., Ltd.      

Secretary General:
Yulan Zhang       China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Deputy Secretary General:
Baoping Cao       China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Here are some of the general benefits of membership of CNHPIA Information: 
·Free copy of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products magazine and discount on the advertisement
·Free copy of Directory of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products (China)  
·Annual Report on Chinese Tissue Paper & Disposable Products Industry (Discount)
·Discount on the participation of CIDPEX and other activities
·Secretariat answering your questions in the tissue/disposable hygiene products field
·Secretariat activities on various topics
·Annual statistics of the industry (Members should submit their statics)

·One free half-page double color AD on Tissue Paper & Disposable Products magazine
·Company profile on

Membership Dues for Each Year: Foreign Member 500USD per year
A/C Holder’s Name:China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. 
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