China National Household Paper Industry Association under China Paper Association is a nationwide organization in China. The site of the association is in Beijing, and the chairman member of the said association is China Paper Industry Development Corp.
The scope of the household paper includes three varieties: tissue paper and its products, disposable hygiene products, disposable paper containers. In order to adapt the rapid growth of production and consumption for household paper, exchange information, coordinate the said industry development, China National Household Paper Industry Association was established on 8th June, l993. Up till now, there are about 600 domestic members and 26 overseas members in the association. With the positive efforts of all the members, the association has achieved remarkable success in this field.
China National Household Paper Industry Association is the nationwide organization. Its members are from different departments, different regions, and different ownerships, all the members are voluntary to join in the association. The aim of the association is to promote the technique improvement and economic development of household paper industry, to quicken the technical steps of modernization of the industry.
The main function of the association is to act as the bridge between the enterprises and the government, to strengthen industry self-discipline and deal with anti-dumpling, it offers all the helps for the industry. To provide technical consulting service, to keep in touch with the oversea enterprises, to enhance the communication of information from home and abroad, to set up the database and information net of household paper industry, to undertake the international cooperation on technology and economy, to organize the members to take part in the exhibitions and technique investigations, to publish [Tissue paper and disposable products] magazine and [Directory of Tissue paper & Disposable Products (China)] periodically, to provide the technical and market information of household paper for overseas and domestic corporations and joint venture business of domestic and overseas manufactures. 
The highest organ of authority in the association is all member congress and standing council (during the congress is not in session). There are secretariat, Tissue Paper Branch, Sanitary Napkin Branch, Baby Diaper Branch, Equipment Branch, and Raw Material Branch under the Council. Along with the expanding of the work and the requirement of the industry, China National Household Paper Industry Association will aim at service, defend the industry legitimate right, construct and perfect work system and code of conduct, in order to fulfill the functions of industry management, developing programme and service, etc.
Association Member
Domestic: about 800
Overseas: 42
Tissue Paper & Disposable Products (monthly)
Directory of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products [China] (every two years)
Annual Report on Chinese Tissue Paper & Disposable Products Industry
If you need more details, please contact with the Secretariat of China National Household Paper Industry Association