The 28th China International Disposable Paper EXPO

Health & Medical Care Industry International EXPO 2021 


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Exhibition  26-28 May 2021 

Nanjing International EXPO Center, Jiangsu, China 

 24-25 May 2021

Nanjing International EXPO Convention Center

In recent years, the medical and health care industry is rapidly growing into a strategic industry in China and a new engine leading China's economic development.

In order to help enterprises explore the "blue ocean" of medical and health care industry and seize the trillion-yuan-sized market, CNPPRI (CNHPIA) will hold Health & Medical Care Industry International EXPO at the same time of CIDPEX2021.

Basic Information

Organizer: China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute (China National Household Paper Industry Association)

Location: Connecting Hall 4-5 and Hall 7 of Nanjing International Expo Center (No. 300, Jiangdong Middle Rd., Jianye, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

Official MediaTissue Paper and Disposable Products magazine


Cloud Service:

Exhibits Range

Medical Care:

Surgical clothing, cap, surgical pad, mask, shoe cover, protective clothing and other medical nonwoven products. Disinfectant cotton, medical bandage, medical gauze, band-aid, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesives, medical dressing, and related raw and auxiliary materials.

Elderly Care:

Adult diapers/diaper pads, adult pull-ups, light incontinent products, under pads, assistive devices for travel, daily life, sleep and bath, bedsore prevention and treatment products, and other nursing consumables.

Maternal and Baby Care:   

Baby diapers/diaper pads, baby pull-ups, urine isolation pads, breast pads, maternity towels, maternal and infant health products, infant feeding and nutrition, milk powder and complementary food, health care products, pregnancy care, postpartum recovery, breast care, etc.


Makeup remover, makeup removing wet wipes, cotton soft towel, beauty towel, face-cleansing towel, compressed towel, paper underwear, face mask, hand mask, foot mask, eye mask, nail polish removing wipe, dressing, uterus warming paste, eye cover and other cosmetic products.

Green and Health:

Pulp molded products, pulp molded tableware, coated paper tableware, film-laminated paper tableware, paper straw, paper bag, and related converting machine, raw and auxiliary materials, etc.

Reasons for participation

Blue Ocean Market

Take the lead in the layout of trillion-RMB-sized medical and health care industry.

Industry Chain

Open up the industry chain from production to sales


Access to traditional channels such as pharmacies, nursing homes, maternal and baby shops, distribution agents and traders, as well as new retail channel resources such as e-commerce, community retail, Wechat business and franchisees.


Traditional offline exhibition combined with new online cloud service, promote online and offline market layout in China and other countries. 

Cost of Participation

Raw Exhibit Space

(36m2 and above)

All the design, construction and cleaning work shall be completed by exhibitors  

US$190 per square meter

Package Space/Complete Shell Stand

Package space is available in 3m×3m units.

Basic Equipments: side walls surrounded, panel with fascia name, two spotlights, three chairs, one reception

desk with lock, one glass round table, carpet inside the booth, one electrical outlet (220V, 500W), one wastepaper basket. 

US$1900 per unit 

Online value-added service

Booth in “Tissue Paper and Hygiene Products Cloud Service” platform  

Free for exhibitors

5% discount for:

1. Members of CNHPIA who have paid the membership fee in 2019 or 2020

2. CIDPEX exhibitors in 2019, 2020 or 2021

3. Customers who put advertisements in Tissue Paper and Disposable Products magazine in 2019 or 2020, and the annual advertising cost is more than 10000 RMB.  


China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute (China National Household Paper Industry Association)

Address: Sinolight Plaza, No.4 Qiyang Rd., Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


Contact person:

Ms. Janet (Wang Xiao)      86-10-64778194, 86-18601289070

Ms. Becky (Zhang Huabin)  86-10-64778191, 86-13810673032

Ms. Lucy (Cao Baoping)    86-10-64778179, 86-13671398980